Mar 26
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Blue box

I was sick of brown hair. It was so boring, I hated it. I wanted to be unique, I wanted to be different. After finally convincing my mom she bought me a box of purple hair dye. That night I carefully applied the dye onto my hair and waited 45 minutes as the box. My timer went off and I jumped off my bed in glee, running into the bathroom to rinse my hair. I ran the cool water through my hair, massaging my scalp and running my finger through my hair. Looking at myself in the mirror I felt new, edgy, exclusive. I went to bed, so happy to wake up the next morning to something new, yet what happened was the worst thing yet. I walked to my mirror the next morning and my hair was jet black. I screamed and ran downstairs to the box I threw away the night before, reading all the same text when I noticed smaller print at the bottom. It read, do not rinse with water after given time, solution when mixed with water will become quite darker. Black will not dye out right away, I will have to wait at least a month or so. I cannot believe what I have done. Turns wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. My friends thought the black hair matched my brown-toned skin. The black also started to lighten from the sun rays as I spent so much time outside. It was a good experience after all.