Mar 28

Plot Ideas: Astiara Mercury

Hello! I've had a great idea for a character. I've worked out a family tree, the antagonist, and some of her backstory. Except: I have no ideas for a plot! Here are a few things I'm playing around with, but please feel more than welcome to share any ideas/edits(I also really, really need ideas for the villan's motavation). Thanks! --Cyb3r

Protagonist: Astaira Mercury
Antagonis: General Larsen Hurst
Setting: Neptune, Silia U925, Mars(Just outer space)
Time: Year 3535(I didn't plan it this way)
Supporting Characters: 
- Finn Thatcher
- Cressida Parkes
- Terence Orion
- Kegan Orion
- Alton Orion
(Yes, one(or two) of these may be a love interest(*wink wink*))
- Astiara is a bounty hunter on Neptune
- Nope, I got nothing