Sep 20
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Colorful Life

As the days go on, adopting new colors 

Weather they be Stormy Ocean Blue, Poison yellow, or others 
Each and every day starts off new and fresh

Just like the new color, Bloody Red with a Little Flesh
Ablazed with new ideas, more wisdom, more colors

The infectious summer green, or Horror Movie Black
Color is all around us, in the front of our heads and back

There’s Chromatic Silver, Even Patchy Pink
Or the Murky Brown water, that flows beneath your sink

Colors take new form, filling our eyes with excitement and joy
One color sparks a memory, the others that annoy

Have you ever seen a color you don’t like? 
Neon Green, Opaque Orange

But never the Warm Tan sand, that sits along the ocean shore
Colors are the openings to our brightest moments

Colors are us, inside and out.

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