Nov 30
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Blue Bird

I walk into the garden while making sure that I wasn’t making a sound. As I walk I noticed how the roses aren't blood red and how the petals don’t shine against the sunlight anymore. Instead the roses are now brown, dead, and dry. I take small steps while peeking threw the bushes to see if anyone is on the other side but all I see is a bird laying on the dead grass. It confused me for a second that the bird is still here in the freezing December air and not somewhere warm. Than an idea hit me and I quickly walk to the next row of what used to be roses where the bird is laying on the ground. When I finally get a clear view of the the bird, I see that my idea is right because I can see that the bird has a broken wing. I slowly walk up to the bird making sure to not startle it. I sit down on the dead grass and slowly reach my hands out to try to get the bird but it noticed me and jumps back a little. I try again but this time I put my hand in front of the bird and wait for it to come into my hands. It only took a few minutes for the bird to realize that it’s okay. Then I slowly get up making sure not to drop the bird during the process and started walking home. During my walk home I noticed that the bird had fallen asleep and I just hugged the bird tighter against my chest making sure that it’s warm. When I got home I had rushed to the bathroom and lay the bird on the counter and take a closer look at it’s wing. I noticed that there is a small cut on the wing so I took a napkin and made it wet. Then I slowly dabbed it over the cut to clean it out before I took a bandage to wrap it all up. After I wrap the bird’s wing,  I set it on the carpet in front of the fireplace and waited for it to warm up and get rested. I watch as the bird slowly wakes up from it’s slumber and try out his newly bandaged wing.
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