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Sep 26

Where to Apply

Internships and Job Offers

The first step towards creating a successful resume is to find a job or internship opportunity that you want to pursue. You may already have something in mind, or you may be starting from scratch. There are plenty of places to look for job offers, and you may want to consider asking your guidance or career counsellor about specific internship opportunities in your area. (New to looking for job offerings? Check out or your local newspaper/website to get started.)

Once you've found at least one offer that interests you, post a link or a short description here, and list the requirements, or qualifications mentioned in the job offer.
If the job offer doesn’t list specific requirements or qualifications (or lists very few), look at the duties of the job (what you would have to be doing) and list the qualities you’d need to accomplish those duties well. Would you need people skills? Math skills? Physical strength? Ability to write well?
 Feel free to post more than one job offer, and to let others know where you found out about your opportunities.