17 years old


  • When There Is No Sun

    "How much sleep did you get last night?" I look up from my slumped-over position to see my friend looking down at me with her plate of food. "Uh..." I say, rubbing my eyes. I think back to everything I did last night.

  • Notes in my yearbook

    You know what I love about the end of the year?

    This is the time when the yearbooks are being signed and you say goodbye to your teachers, that you realize that you truly are a human being that is recognized as existing.
  • Final Reflection

    One thing’s for certain, I learned a lot in this class. I know I will always be thankful for the things I learned and the opportunity I got in this class to practice writing so I could get better. Which I definitely did.
  • Where You Belong

    A long, flexible feeding tube lays at the entrance of the left nostril. Moistened with lube, it slowly starts the journey. 

        It reached the nasal cavity who says, “what are you doing here? You don’t belong.”
  • Vita

    The night time sky was decorated with the colors of nebulas that blanketed the 5th dimension. Nearby animals from mythological legends all perked their heads up when they heard the piercing cries of a baby.