Fall: Visual Art


Autumn colors on street with person walking

Fall: Visual Art

Share your interpretation of fall using any visual art medium – painting, photography, sketch, collage, digital, clay; it's your choice. You might want to explore autumn's singular and transitory beauty or simply focus on a color, object, or place that conveys the meaning of the season from your own unique perspective. 

[Art: "The Colors of Daily Life," by Jacqueline Wu, YWP archive]


  • Three prizes in visual art: $100, $75, $50
  • For ages 12-18. You must have a YWP account (It’s free to join!)
  • Respond to the challenge in any artistic medium
  • Must be your original work and not published elsewhere
  • No limit to number of submissions
  • Prize winners and honorable mentions will be published in the November issue of our digital magazine, The Voice.
  • Contest deadline (Oct. 15, 2023) has passed. Prizes to be announced on the site Oct. 25.

Also, see the Fall-Writing Contest.

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