Fall: Writing


Brooke Gendron-Hale photo of tree in dusky afternoon light

Fall: Writing


In poetry, prose, fiction or nonfiction, share your interpretation of fall. Take the challenge in any direction that seems right to you. Convey the meaning of the season from your own unique, creative perspective.

[Art: Brooke Gendron-Hale, YWP]


  • Three prizes in writing: $100, $75, $50
  • For ages 12-18. You must have a YWP account (It’s free to join!)
  • Respond to the challenge in any genre
  • Must be your original work and not published elsewhere
  • No limit to number of submissions
  • Prize winners and honorable mentions will be published in the November issue of our digital magazine, The Voice.
  • Submissions due: Sunday, Oct. 15, 2023 

Also see the Fall-Visual Art Contest.

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  • Fall and the fall to new days

    Fall. The end. What is it for you? It wasn't much for me before. It was just when it started to get cold. The pre-winter. Nothing more than that. No orange leaves. It didn't even snow. What was so special about the pre-winter?

  • Every fall

    I fall in love with you

    every fall.

    Seeing your face

    after a summer away

    sends shock waves through my body.

    I forget I love you

    until the air starts cooling,

    until school starts again.

  • Fall is a Queen Bee

    In the crisp embrace of my russet leaf patch, 
    a Queen Bee reigns supreme, Her presence unmatched. 
    Her saintly swarm rustles me, yet I am blessed, 
    for She brings forth the chilly scent of ember rest. 

  • It Is Still Summer

    It is still summer. Not fall. 

    Call me stubborn, but I refuse to forget. I choose to remember. 

    I remember riding the train, speeding past hills that glow yellow from the sun. 

  • Better Things

    autumn leaves, they
    fall to the pine-bathed
    soil, and my heart falls
    with them, and I think it's burning
    too, burning too, for all it takes
    is one glance into your
    amber eyes, september sight, and