Weekly Challenges

Light streaming from red barn windows on winter night



Hygge, loosely translated, is a Danish word meant to describe a feeling of comfort, contentment, and coziness. Write about a person, place, or experience that produces this feeling in you. (Fun fact: There is no equivalent word in the English language!) [Photo by Mya Burghardt, YWP archive]


  • They are

    there is no better feeling

    then being with

    the ones who make me smile

    by just being alive

    the way they know who i am

    and embrace that

    no matter what the world says

    they are my cousins


  • Birdwatching

    meet me in the dream where the windows open onto bird flight

              with sparrows flitting shadows across the room,

  • Blueberry Harvest

    I want to pick blueberries with my mom again

    Sunlight warming my cheeks

    Her gentle hands touching me 

    Tasting the sweetness of both the fruit and her words

  • A Wintry Reflection

    When the wind is an icy hug,

    and the snow is a blanket, holding the ground snug,

    when the trees no longer sway, rocking back and forth, 

    and a fire is ablaze next to a comforting hearth,

  • My Hygge

    December, in my opinion, is the best of the winter months. It comes with many things like Holidays, time off of school, and especially the ski season.