Weekly Challenges

Porch with empty chairs



Put yourself on a big wraparound porch in summer, secluded from the busy street and sidewalk out front. Alone or with a friend, what do you quietly observe from your perch on the porch? [Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash]


  • Watching

    I am up 

    with the sun, 

    an ancient plate 

    in danger of breaking 

    holds pancakes 

    and fruit.


    I wait 

    I watch. 

    The earliest wakers 

  • From The Porch

    One of my favorite pastimes is people-watching on the porch.  

    I will have my tea or lemonade in hand,  

    Book resting on my propped-up knees.  

    Julia from down the street will wave and ask how I'm doing.