bisexual coded gems for my pride

Gemstones feel really special in my pride experience! The first piece of pride jewelry my parents ever let me buy was a gemstone bracelet. They also reflect my spirituality journey.



14 years old

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  • The Perfect Man

    I know that I can feel the greatest feeling of them all, 

    To look below the earth and slip a sigh.

    But only when I meet him and I feel this big emotion

    Will I be able to look him in the eyes.

  • Summer Bummer

    Erin is a child who never grows tired

    Of playing hot potato with her mother and her father

    Like passing around a live and ready wire,

    Everyday is a struggle, and she can never be tired


  • To Taylor Swift

    Who would have thought 

    That flesh and skin

    Could portray how I feel 

    And shape how I think so perfectly?

    Every song has a story

    Every song has a vibe

    A feel

    A fleeting moment attached