Blurry Vision



16 years old

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  • What You Couldn’t Say

    Your words were like a false sea,

    only meant to convince me.

    And when I asked what it’d be,

    you still decided to go with the wind,

    Foolishly I still waited, until eventually,

    I grew tired of waiting for you,

  • Fog

    Fog gently wraps itself around-

    everything above the ground,

    as the memory of rain plagues the land,

    its presence peaceful as it brings silence.

    The worries of the day have been washed away,

  • A Warm Plague

    The wind dances around me,

    as I watch the sun melt into the sea.

    The colors melting together in a blur.

    Dusk is approaching as the stars begin to stir.

    Winters icy hug is distant as it leaves,