Winter Sun

I think the concept of a bright sun in winter, casting light upon the snow is so beautiful and evoking.



15 years old

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  • Moths

    I lay on the ground, alone
    A caterpillar crawls on the stem of my palm
    Crawl, crawl, crawl, stop.
    Why did it stop?
    Why didn't I stop myself? 

    I could've helped you
    Only I watched you suffer
  • Forest Crown

    I walk into the forest

    “Come with us” the birds chorus

    “I can’t,” I say... But we both know how I wish I could

    I dust off my shoulders and head deeper into this forest of leaves and wood
  • For my Love

    I can't believe it
    After all this time
    A hundred thousand steps stepped,
    A hundred rocks moved,
    A hundred panic attacks,
    A hundred swim strokes,
    A hundred million breaths,
    A hundred meals,
    I'm finally here