An alien's support group

“Hello, and welcome to my Living With Homo Sapiens support group. My name is 143-A, and I will be leading this exercise. Please introduce yourselves.”

“Hello, my name is 974-G.”

“I am 254-J.”

“And I am 5678-U

“I am 5-E”

“Hello, 974-G, 254-J, 5678-U and 5-E. Now let us get started. 974-G, why have you joined us today?”

“My neighbor is a Homo Sapien and invited me over for dinner, The dinner was Salad, mashed potatoes, and… A roast chicken…” Said with disgust. “They eat other animals as if it is normal, mass slaughter of another living being. I politely refused the chicken but the way they ate it has given me PTSD.”

“Utterly terrible! Now 254-J, your experiences please.”

“I was in NEW YORK CITY this past weekend, and the streets were filled with children and adults suffering from homelessness and starving. I was nearly sick.”

“Humans do tend to ignore people in need. 5678-U, It is your turn.”

“I’ve been reading far too many newspaper articles about abuse, from child abuse to animal abuse. It makes me feel like this species does not deserve what it has.”

“Hmmm. And finally 5-E.”

“I recently went on a trip to the ocean, all of it, the beach, the water all of it was covered in plastic and trash. There were many dead animals and birds”

“Hmmm. Now I begin the next part. Yes, humans have flaws, but they are also one of the only intelligent life forms that take responsibility for their flaws and attempt to fix their mistakes. I doubt you will find a life form as aware of their mistakes as a Homo Sapien. When we first arrived on this planet, I had my doubts too! These humans seemed insane, with all they’d done that destroyed the planet. But that is only the outside, if you look deeper, so many things were worse in the past but many humans fight to fix this planet they call home. That is why I say that homo sapiens are the most capable life form in the galaxy and beyond. Thank you.” 



13 years old

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  • Actor

    We're all actors

    Every one of us

    pretending, acting, faking

    we've all done it

    Fake smile,

    Fake laugh,

    Fake happy,

    Fake sad.

    I've bottled it all up, I can barely feel real.

    What's real?