We're all actors

Every one of us

pretending, acting, faking

we've all done it

Fake smile,

Fake laugh,

Fake happy,

Fake sad.

I've bottled it all up, I can barely feel real.

What's real?

What's fake?

Which is the act?

I'm not bubbly, I don't smile often, I can't cry.

I'm always angry, it hurts.

I'm Acting!

Every day!

Every day it's more, more smiles, more of what...

what I can't really be.

I'm acting 'cause in this damn world

I can't be myself.

I can't smile if I'm not laughing.

I'm an actor,


I'm an actor whose stage is the world.

But I'm fine,

Back to acting now.



13 years old

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