Angry Love Confession

Don’t you get it? I love you, Jay! I’ve loved you since you transferred here a year ago. Since you showed up to English class every day late for the first week you were here, because you couldn’t find the room and you were to shy to ask someone. Since we got paired up for that project, almost by fate. Since Mrs. Johnson sat us next to each other in history. 

All year I’ve been trying to give you a sign, but you just don’t seem to notice! In gym when I would tease you about almost anything, just to have an excuse to talk to you. I would purposely get questions wrong on our quizzes, just so I could ask you for help. 

Now you tell me you found a girl, that makes you feel something you've never felt before. What about me? As soon as I heard those words come out of your lips,I felt my heart drop to my stomach. And I’m glad you’re happy, but I just can’t bear to see you with her while I’m sitting here, looking stupid. 

You know, I told my friends about you. They all told me, “Forget about it, he has a bad reputation.” I should've listened to them. I guess the rumors are true. So stop acting like we’re just friends when we both know my feelings for you. To be honest, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to even hang out with you when I know you probably do the same things with her. You probably bring her to all the same places that you brought me. I can’t even look at you anymore.



15 years old

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  • Kenya

    As I stand atop the Ark
    I wonder Why

    Why does the Sun rise?
    Why does it set?

    And while I hear the sounds
    of elephant families trumpeting

    And while I watch the gnus
    sprinting through the watering hole

    It all