Because The Monster Writes Poetry

The Monster is massive

with fangs and with claws

all lacquered and sharpened 

sticking out from its jaws


The Monster is ghoulish

with deep, sunken eyes

it speaks whispers of wicked

and paranoid lies


The Monster is cruel

it sneers and it spits

always waiting for something

to tear into bits


The Monster is hidden

from inside its dark lair

just plotting and pacing

in the dank, musky air


The Monster is mournful

it wails and it weeps

for its heart has been broken

but the pieces it keeps


You know of the Monster

you've heard the tall tales

and despite what they say

no terror prevails


The Monster is cared for

and treated with grace

because the Monster writes poetry

from behind a fair face.

Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Writing Contest.



15 years old

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