A Boyish Retrograde

two boys sit on the slanted rooftop of 
a suburban house on the Amish hillside, 
ignoring the jargoning mosquitos 
buzzing around their heads and spectating the 
high moon crawl to the horizon in a 
race with the peeping sun, drearily keeping 

themselves awake with the scent of their gas 
station cigarettes, talks of philosophy 
and university, and anything 
that aloofly dawdles in their minds. school boys 
that have a year until graduation, 
their first becoming of men. gallant boys

who understand separation lingers 
in their clinging shadows; however, they have 
retreated here to the twilight in the 
bleak night sky prickled with foreign planets and 
stars. bohemian boys that found a warmth 
in their chests, forming into vast fields of sun-

flowers, and this founds their new center of 
gravity. young boys that reckon the whole world 
revolves around their lovely adorning 
atmosphere and for only tonight, it does. 

Sawyer Fell


18 years old

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