My life is changing 

like the four seasons, 

though without any reason — 

I find myself scared of it. 

Change, it’s a horrifying but beautiful thing. 

Like in the early mornings of spring, 

the birds begin to sing, 

but soon enough they leave, 

taking their song with the warm breeze. 

I wish for things to stay the same, 

but I know everything is always evolving, 

like the stars above.



16 years old

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  • A Release of Time

    In the quiet moments of my past,

    I think of what will last.

    The future is a known mystery,

    one I wish I knew like history.

    What scares me isn’t the setting sun,

    it’s the way that time runs.

  • An Ocean of Emotion

    We feel in such a deep way,

    flooding our veins throughout the day.

    Some let themselves feel,

    then move on, as if it wasn’t a big deal.

    Some cling onto their emotions,

    causing commotions.

    Some push it away,

  • Unimaginative

    For every word I can’t say,

    I try to write it down,

    but at the end of the day,

    I know I’ll never find the words.

    They jumble together,

    like the sunset’s melting colors.

    For every excuse I make,