Dear Beatrice

Dear Beatrice,

You're really young to face what you're about to face but you'll get through it, I promise. There's going to be this big virus, and you'll be really scared but just take it easy, everything will be back to normal in two years.

 Mom is going to get sick, really sick, but she'll be okay too, just be easy on her and don't worry too much. 

Go outside more, and spend less time on a screen, because five years later you are still battling screen addiction. Don't trust everyone online, you will get in toxic fandoms but get. out. of. them. They don't do anything good for you. 

You'll make some fake friends but you'll get through it and will make the best friends you've ever had, just be patient.  

Most importantly, you don’t have to try so hard to be different, don’t force yourself to be something you’re not. This will be the worst year of your life, but you’ll get through it stronger than ever.


Your future self

Posted in response to the challenge Letter.



14 years old

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