For Everyone

I'm a dreamer, but I have yet to see my own dreams maintained

My eyes are swollen with exhaustion

and my body is sputtering on its way down 

asking myself when it will go away.


To be honest, dreamers if you're just like me 

you'll jump anyway 

hoping the voice that delivers the loudest whispers of what you envision

Will never silences

 from a man with a straight-line mouth 

and an ego with a slow leak.


From a man managing to do it the only way, he knows how

dividing my tears and smiles evenly, 

swallowing my moonshine mistakes

 while in the sunlight my sweat irrigates my life. 


But at fifteen I thought

I would've made it

By now.


Even though the struggles 

We're always made to make me think

They sounded admirable and poetic

The thumping uncertainty 

Is still there.


But I know my dream 

Is as real as my hands

But I grip tight to a backpack 

With insecurities

As it's weighing me down. 


People Whisper to me

You don't have wings 

You don't have a shot

That I don't have a clue 

But to me


I don't have a choice 

So I jump



This Poem 


To remind us that we are many, but not one.

That you're right for trying.

That your purpose is real.

That making it

is possible



But dreamers keep dreaming 

Because dreams don't have deadlines 

Or timelines 

But they aren't always in a straight line. 


Inspired By Jason  Reynolds poem, Dear Dreamer



15 years old

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    Every week, I look forward to Sundays with my mom. My mom is a beautiful woman. She never wears designer clothes but she wears leggings, T-shirts, and sweatpants. She smells like the Thank You Next perfume by Arianna Grande.

  • My Name

    My name is LerDer Star.

    My father chose my name for me 

    even though me and my father 

    We're never close

    I always needed a better relationship.