16 years old


  • I Wanted To Love You

    I wanted to love you, even though we never got the chance to explore what could have been. Every time we talked, I felt a spark, a hint of something more that perhaps existed only in my imagination.

  • Home

    Every week, I look forward to Sundays with my mom. My mom is a beautiful woman. She never wears designer clothes but she wears leggings, T-shirts, and sweatpants. She smells like the Thank You Next perfume by Arianna Grande.

  • My Name

    My name is LerDer Star.

    My father chose my name for me 

    even though me and my father 

    We're never close

    I always needed a better relationship. 

  • For Everyone

    I'm a dreamer, but I have yet to see my own dreams maintained

    My eyes are swollen with exhaustion

    and my body is sputtering on its way down 

    asking myself when it will go away.


  • Missing You

    Missing someone is a funny thing, so simple a concept yet so complex in its effects.

    For me, missing you is listening to your favorite music because you are not there to play it.