Many say fate is set in stone,

like hieroglyphs hung up on walls. 

That tells stories to all. 

Some say fate is crystal clear,

That it’s something not to fear.

Some say fate is merciful, 

that it’ll create something beautiful. 

Fate, though, is simply fate. 

Something that cannot be defined,

Something that cannot be underlined,

or tamed, like the way the weather-

listens to no one, as if its a feather, 

that falls through the air with grace.



16 years old

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  • Losing Someone

    Losing someone you love,

    hollows out a part of you.

    One day, you have them,

    and the next,

    you’ll never see them again.

    The realization stings,

    worse than the sun's engulfing hug.

  • Untitled?

    When the chaos of the day 

    gets washed away  

    and the serenity of night descends, 

    I begin to wonder, as the stars ascend. 

    Trying to put puzzle pieces together 

  • Intertwined

    When only the stars shine,

    the winds’ whispered rhyme-

    echos across the land.

    As the sea longs for the moon.

    The magnetic pull-

    Weaves their fates together.

    Intertwining them for eternity.