Floating Below the Surface

I see the branches of a small tree,

And several phone chargers all around me,

A can of tomato soup empties into the flowing brown water

And a small pen that belonged to Mrs. Leah’s daughter,

Pillows deflated and bits of broken glasses,

And water flowing in the masses,

I see the sign for my grandfather’s repair store,

I never noticed the window was broken before,

People wave from the highest window tops,

Like my friend Jennie, wearing her favorite black crop top,

She waves as tears stream down her blush coated cheeks, 

It felt like I hadn’t seen her in weeks,

But hadn’t it been yesterday when we laughed till we cried,

I think I will remember that until I have died,

I think about my mother's words, my father's warnings,

And the cartoons I used to watch in the morning,

The time I went to Disneyland with my mom and dad,

Oh how much fun we had,

And when my dog got his first chewy toy, 

And when I went on my first date with a cute boy, 

When I poured water out of the faucet for me to drink, 

The same water that is making me sink,

Lower, Lower,

And my breathing becomes slower, slower,

My heart thumps faster, faster,

Somehow I wish I could stop this disaster,

Farther and farther I go down,

Until I have


Posted in response to the challenge Flood.



13 years old

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