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Two people in yellow raincoats viewing flooded State Street in Montpelier, VT, July 2023


Record-breaking rain the week of July 9 caused rivers to surge and flood communities, homes, businesses, and farmers' fields in Vermont and across western New England and New York. Were you or your community affected? Share your thoughts. ​[Photo: Hilary Swift for The New York Times]


  • Mermaid on Strike

    I woke up in the dark, but I was dreaming. Memories of salt and scales. Turbulent clouds and cloying air that choked me. I searched for the ocean rhythm and found only a syncopated beat interrupted by static.

  • July

    It was July when disaster struck Vermont. Flooding, heavy rain, and surprisingly, rainbows. I felt fortunate to enjoy rainbows during the floods. Twelve blocks and five stories above Lake Champlain, I felt safe.

  • The River Speaks

    There is a web and it holds us. 

    Pieces come apart so we help rebuild it. 

    We are a species that has forgotten our place on the web, so the earth reminds us.