The River Speaks

There is a web and it holds us. 

Pieces come apart so we help rebuild it. 

We are a species that has forgotten our place on the web, so the earth reminds us. 

It shows us that there are some lines that we do not cross, and if we do cross them, the water rises, pushing us back.

The water comes and it takes.

It's the destruction of what we've built, but also the reconstruction of the natural world.

The water roars, 
it cries,
and it heals
even when we feel hurt.

It washes over land that was stolen and poisoned.

It warns us as we build our walls.

The river speaks.

It wills us to understand years of neglect,

hurt, and carelessness

seeped into the sand.

The river is strong,

stronger than us.

It will

reclaim its path

slowly healing the world.


We are a thread

in a web that

is breaking.

We have forgotten

the path.

We have forgotten

the way

the river speaks. 

It wills us to understand

this is not just our land.


Posted in response to the challenge Flood.



14 years old

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