forgotten name, forgotten meaning

worry has arrived
he sits at the open door
to my tired mind
waiting, not coming in

ivory teeth grind together
in thought as a
small bird
flies through the door

he is a robin,
perched precariously on an old oak
that has managed to grow inside
the unlocked door

worry looks in
in wonder, in confusion,
as the bird breaks
into song

the rhythms wraps around
the unwanted figure
until he
is gone

and i am free
of the thought of someone
at my door
in the shadows, the closet

of the people in 
the peripheral blur
in the idea that their thoughts
change me.



15 years old

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  • Thoughts after the fair

    I’ve never enjoyed the feeling of being sick to your stomach on a fair ride. Maybe I just don’t have the iron-willed intestines that all of my friends seem to have, because I get sick from going on the teacups at a normal speed.

  • october, my love

    my love,
    it is good to see you once again.

    although it appears i have missed
    your grand entrance,
    while i left the room.

    i walked along the street to visit you,
    and looked up,
  • scratches

    skin pulled taut and tight
    burning like the light
    that seeps through cracks
    underneath the door

    from stray branches and walking
    throughout the woods, balking
    at the idea
    of no path

    water rests on skin