Freeing Stupidity

I click open a google doc,

The colorful plus seeming so freeing,

The blank page being so full of possibilities,

So free of rules.

I pose my fingers over the keys and close my eyes,

Filling my thoughts with everything:

Poems, stories,

Classes and assignments.

I draw in my experiences,

The little moments that have made me laugh,

The conversations that have made smiles play on my lips.

I take everything,

Then knot it up,

Melding together pieces,

Twisting words,

Playing with the locations.

I tweak and twirl until it’s almost unrecognizable,

A jumble of my life,

A stupidly entertaining production,

A semi-relatable plot.

The words and letters are a complicated story,

Jumbled into a complicated piece of work,

A piece that is freeing,

That is strange,

That is incredible,

And sheerly, utterly stupid.



13 years old

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