Gen Z

Funny how history repeats itself. Like it or not this era we're in is going in the textbooks, written under the definition of infamy, used as a blueprint of what to avoid at all cost, the second "roaring 20s", the sequel where it really went to hell. A kind of apocalyptic serenity is all we know; the sky is falling and Chicken Little is putting out his lawn chair and lighting a cigarette. Both kettles in the office kitchen of politics have been stewing overnight and we're choking down the dregs of tea leaves and the cold, bitter coffee only someone's grandfather likes. We went from cleaning our rooms to cleaning our cities, picking up slack that's been building like plastic, racing time itself as we try to save a flash drive? Or a file cabinet? Something for the next people who find our burnt out planet with the stragglers who are barely human to look at, to see what we became because we couldn't catch up to your mistakes? You say you have faith in us, that we have time enough, that we will right your wrongs. Alright, we'll save the world,

but we won't save you.



15 years old

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  • The Genie

    If you had a genie in a bottle

    and it told you that you could make any 3 wishes

    You would not wish for gold

    you would not wish for riches

    you would not wish for fame.

    You would wish for wars to end