A Glimmering Pool of Inspiration

A bubble of light rests atop the water,

Glimmering and glinting across the lake.

It’s a pocket of sunshine,

A pillow of glowing hope,

A pool of life.

Within my mind, a light bulb flickers on,

Slowly growing brighter as my emotions arise,

As the gears in my brain begin to churn.

Inspiration takes form,

Puzzle pieces get fitted together,

Words and stories get drawn out,

Outlines are carefully sketched.

The bulb of sun is a haven of ideas,

Each glowing particle is a prompt,

A beginning or an end,

An arch or a dip,

Willing my thoughts to complete it,

Whispering to me that I should write.

A bubble of light rests atop the water, 

Creating a muse for inspiration.




13 years old

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