Goodbye's and Hello's

When the sun sets in the west, 

The colors run, 

Like watercolor paint. 

A cold goodbye from the sun. 

As the moon rises in the east, 

Who’s forever changing, 

It’s second phase a grin, 

One welcoming the night.



16 years old

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  • Starry Eyed

    Searching for something more,

    The days pass me by,

    like the wind on the shore.

    I look to the stars for answers,

    Hoping to see my future,

    In their crystal like light.

    As the darkness of night,

  • The Time Between

    In the dead of winter,

    crows call out,

    their song a splinter-

    in the silence of doubt.

    Spring is longed for.

    Its warmth wanted more-

    than ever before.

    Though, in the time between,

  • A Reminder Of Winter

    A gentle reminder of love,

    the snow falls around like a hug,

    one I’ve come to appreciate so much.

    The chill in the air sweeps around us,

    as spring dances with winter.

    The two almost inseparable.