Grandpa's Boots

I clunked along in my grandpa's old boots
too big for my feet but who'd give a hoot?
The clunky and funky big boots of the past
Were put to rest when he came here at last.
The soles were so worn, cause the path was so rough
One heel was half on cause he ran quite alot
the arch suport, favored the floor, not the foot
So it seemed you were walking on nails screws and hooks.
The tong was all droopy
the laces all loopy 
the thread worn and faded
the skuffs under rated,
not to mention a hole was in the left toe
and the laces were mismatched, one green and one gold.
Without these worn boots I'd never have known
what a hard working man my grandpa really is,
As I clunked on by him he gave me a grin.



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