Human decline

They show me their phones, little boxes with even tinier little boxes that you press on and it fills up the big box. My girl taps one of the tiny boxes, it's purple and white and orange and she calls it in-sta-gram. She scrolls through the box and it shows us videos and pictures telling us to lose weight and use a product to get rid of 'blackheads'.  I can see light leaving her eyes as women who look pretty much the same, the same as her the same as everyone and anyone who is a human and yet the heart only appears on the ones that claim they know how to make your abs toned and your hair thicker and longer and boys like you. After 30 minutes she seems to realize that I exist again, and reluctantly she watches as the screen goes black. I turn to her and I can feel the guilt and shame and anger in her. I can see her blood in her veins, pumping faster and I can see her mind working, figuring out how to get that thing and make the perfect morning routine. And the worst thing is, she isn't even aware. She turns to me and says something and I turn with her. I wonder if the little people in the boxes are telling me this too, or if their message is just for humans. I wonder if this is how their decline began. I wonder if this is how mine will. 

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14 years old

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