Human- “What is this crazy alien, with one eye and an antennae? I don’t want them here. This is my home.”

Alien- “Who’s stupid idea was it to try to colonize this ugly place? It’s half destroyed, it’s too warm, and there’s this gross gas in the air.”

Human- “This thing would look good in a museum…”

Alien- “This human would be a fine addition to my specimen collection…”

Support- “Welcome to your new support group! No mean words, let’s work out our problems like friends! After all, we are very similar.”

Alien- “What a dumb thought! This thing destroyed their home, and the only reason we had to leave ours is because there were too many of us.” 

Human- “At least I don’t have to squint out of one eye!”

Support- “No, I meant, we’re all living things, and we all have feelings! We’re so similar. 

Alien- “I guess your logic makes a little bit of sense.”

Human- “Yeah. Maybe.”

Support- “Let’s start this all over. Welcome to your support group. Here, you have found a forever friend.”

Human- “Hi, new friend.”

Alien- “Hello. It’s very nice to meet you.”

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13 years old

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    In all your sadness and glory, wins and losses

    Let me be there

    Own the fact I will be here forever

    Very much attached to your side

    Even when you wish me gone

    Your light will always guide my ship

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         Late at night, my igloo is cozy and warm, unlike the Artic outside. Grandmum tucks me into bed, but doesn't leave just yet. She takes a seat on the edge of my bed, and prepares her story telling voice.