13 years old


  • Amazing Things

    For all the amazing things in this world

    the scientific things

    the bright things

    the loud things

    why is there no fix for simple things

    how is there not a better way to get shots

    take off braces

  • Cell Phones

    I'm in middle school, and we already have a cell phone ban in place. If someone is caught with their phone during the school day, they can get reported and get a detention.

  • The Way You Left It

    I tip toe inside carefully

    the room feels empty and cold without you here


    your faded teddy bear sleeps on your bed

    your pink sheets already seem duller

    there's still piles of smelly clothes on the floor

  • Burgeon

    *Can be read as an acrostic. I didn’t really know how to use the word “burgeon” so I’m not sure if it’s accurately described. :) 


    Bringing about

    Undefined Change

    Rotating through

    Great things

  • Callie's Chocolate

    Once upon a time, in a land of crystal blue skies, sat a chocolate shop. This land did not know of clouds, they simply didn't exist. Back to the chocolate. Callie's chocolate made chocolate known throughout the world for its creaminess.


  • Paper Map

    “I can’t believe your phone is dead. Why can't you charge it overnight like everyone else?!” Julianna whined. “Overnight? We did not go to bed. We took a nap for three hours and now we're back on the road.

  • Girl problems

    i don't always like being a girl 

    it's hard 

    always making sure my hair is in place 

    i can't dress so all my curves can be seen

    but i can't wear xxL

    i don't want to be wrong

  • pretty

    you're so pretty

    and i pray every night

    that you won't cry again

    about those pounds gained

    or those pimples

    in the feather-soft skin of your cheeks

    it hurts me 

    how you forget