An illness

My friends all speak
of an illness
that spreads
across the world
they giggle at the words
Oh, the horror
four people have it! Ahhh!

I stare at my feet
it really is a big deal
that four people
who have family
loved ones
have a sickness
that could kill them
we don't really think 
about how it must feel
to be one of those people
and we're never gratefull
to not be
and on the very edge
of getting stuck 
in your own mind
at the thought
that you might never get better
so at every chance
I write
(try) to speak
about these thoughts
and I'm suprised
I have not seen anyone else
who does it
this is a problem
so please
try and answer it



14 years old

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    I’ve never enjoyed the feeling of being sick to your stomach on a fair ride. Maybe I just don’t have the iron-willed intestines that all of my friends seem to have, because I get sick from going on the teacups at a normal speed.

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