Let Me Search

  • let me search  
    • spread across the earth like a wave of miraculous light 
  • let me search  
    • where movement makes undeniable sense  
    • where psychedelic circles vibrate like chimes  
  • let me search  
    • where my anger begins and if it ever ends  
    • why did my anger spiral out of the grass and the carpet  
    • copious whys 
  • let me search 
    • I feel. I should just feel 
    • let it happen, hopefully, eternally 
    • myself included in the kaleidoscopes
    • duplicate, triple, quadruple, infinite
  • let me search
    • close the eyes; all three appearing on the dilated faces
    • open the eyes, be them and be inside and be convexed and be propelled
    • closer, close the eyes and absorb into the body, the earthly vessel
    • when I close my eyes, I should feel
    • feel openly as if I should have always been welcomed
  • let me search
    • always let me be such as this
    • always let them be, such as they are
    • always let strength be, such as the muscly aura
    • always let smile be, fluoric and deer pupiled
    • always let rubble be, embracing the skin left behind
    • always let search be, willfully open the arms, and release the lovely transfusing blood absorbed into the surrounding particles of air
  • let me search and search and search

Sawyer Fell


18 years old

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