Lines in Bark

Never forget this moment, my child.

Never forget the tall mountains of mist

Or the low valleys of grass

Never forget the forests so peaceful

The ocean so sparkling

The winding rivers so clear

Never forget the sun so warm in the glowing sky

The moon so shining on the darkest night

The stars brightly singing songs of hope

Don’t ever forget laughter, love or light

Know that the world is wide, and you can do anything

Know that you are exactly where you need to be

Remember to cherish those little moments of peace, of joy, of success, of love

Remember that you are never alone

Be courageous through the hard times

Strive for kindness, empathy, and grace

See that happiness is a blooming daffodil, its yellow rays of sun reaching toward the dawn

Never forget how much you can learn from the world, and how much you can bring to it

Never forget the moment when you sink into the lush moss,

Connected to the earth below and the sky above

Never forget these moments, my child, 

for they are forever inside     of     you.

Posted in response to the challenge Never.



15 years old

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