Carried by the songbird’s wings 

Through forests bright, caverns dim, 

Flying in the wild wind.  

Tears have been shed and goodbyes have been said 

And the light is leaving from your eyes. 

Dew drops on the flowers that fade to mist in the air are carried in the breeze, and a feather floats to the ground, brushing by ears in a final farewell, 

A whispered caress, so delicate, 

As the earth pours down rain in her own way of grieving for a loss of the future. 

Now you’re out there, somewhere

In the rays of sunlight coming through the canopy and in the flowers that bloom in the garden and in the pumpkins in the fall, 

In a sapling planted that grows to a towering willow whose branches are weeping, of sadness or joy I do not know. 

And you’re in the children’s rosy cheeks as they run barefooted through the grass and I think I see your eyes in them,

Maybe. Maybe your angels wings have carried you somewhere far but all I know is that you are in my heart and in the forest and the smell of lilacs.

And if I close my eyes one last time as the sun sets sometimes I am flying with you on the back of a golden songbird and it is like a lullaby.


Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Writing Contest.



14 years old

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