The Moon's Lullaby

The stars were out that night

But it was the Moon who truly conquered the darkness.

She reached out a pale hand and wove together the soft strings of a lullaby

Pulling some deeper into the promise of sleep

But calling others out beneath the wild sky.

She danced, barefooted, a goddess

Twirling and leaping, but ever so silent, like the wind blowing through the trees.

Behind her came the soundless sweep of Owl's wings, haunting the still Forest.

Fox came next, Moon's glow reflecting in her sly green eyes as she padded in the growing parade.

Mouse popped up from his little hole, knowing that even his faint skitters would not go undetected.

Moose drank her thirst at the pond where the Moonlight seemed to form another world beneath the dark waters, her newborn calf at her side.

And, indeed, there was another world lying there, where Otter and Fish swam gracefully.

In the houses, most sleep. But there are a few that will wake simply to stare out of the foggy window, for you can always count on Moon to traipse through with her glowing gown to bring the night to life.



Posted in response to the challenge Lunar.



14 years old

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