14 years old


  • If Love was a Garden

    If love was a garden, I’d let it grow wild

    Because what use is love that’s tamed?

    There, the honeybees would be the messengers, passing letters of sweet nothings from the sun to the flower’s soft buds

  • Carefree Honeybee

    Carefree Honeybee, 

    Don’t you see the hope you’ve given me?

    I’ve climbed up and up and up but the end seems never closer, and I’m reaching reaching reaching for a dream that’s never there.

  • The First Light

    In the First Light, I am stepping out into rays of golden sunlight, and I am floating through air that is buoyant with the songbird's melodies

  • That Girl

    Sometimes I think that I’ll never be That Girl

    The one who will twirl with a boy under a sea of stars

    That fairy tale princess, who’s prince will always be waiting


  • Among the few minutes of Night

    Out in the forest, the time was 3:26, the world around me was filled with the darkness of night, it had such an interesting glow and the circle of light was above my head, and I looked to my side down the hill that looked over the town I saw what

  • eclipse

    the moon's silvery-gray hair

    falls in shadows across her face

    her pupils waxing and waning


    to catch a glimpse of her girl,

    her beauty, her sunshine

    her pale lips remembering cinnamon warmth

  • An Eclipse


    She had dark black hair that crossed her face.


    He had honey-blonde hair that creased his ears.


    She didn’t have the grades she should.


    He had too many books to fit his room.


  • The Snow Falls

    No school today,

    For the first time since December

    It's been five months,

    Almost half a year,

    Yet the snow falls,

    We ripped March off the calendar

    Yet the snow falls,

    The snow melted in February,

  • Medicine

    The wood is lush and dappled with light, 

    the first April flowers poking out of the ground, snow

    melting under my bare feet. 

    The ache of you digs into my chest like a sharpened blade,