14 years old


  • Winter's Demons- a scary story.

    Some say that in the winter, when the shadows are long and the bare branches of the trees reach out with long, crooked fingers, that that is when the dead come out. 

    And sometimes... sometimes those who wander alone don't ever come back.

  • What is a Poem?

    What is a poem? 

    Well, a poem is a song.

    What song?

    A lullaby, and the lyrics are your dreams.

    A poem is the river rushing, carrying thoughts and words.

    A never ending sky, and the caw of a lonely bird.

  • Who Is Autumn?

    Autumn is a woman with a top hat and golden eyes atop a horse as dark as night.

    Autumn is the auburn hills glowing in the light of the harvest moon.

    Autumn is the pumpkins and the squash and the nostalgia.

  • The Storm Inside

    Before the storm,

    I see the darkness,

    an ominous silhouette on the horizon.

    I feel the wind, making the trees sway from side to side,

    a gusty swoop of exhilaration.

  • Dream song

    An obsidian stallion gallops over hills of jade,
    crying sapphire tears.
    A lunar eclipse in a lavender sky
    Enchanted forest with wisps of mist 
    drifting inside a solarium
    Sparks ignite a flame that creates stars,


  • Fall is a Queen Bee

    In the crisp embrace of my russet leaf patch, 
    a Queen Bee reigns supreme, Her presence unmatched. 
    Her saintly swarm rustles me, yet I am blessed, 
    for She brings forth the chilly scent of ember rest.