Mother to Child

From the day you were born I loved you unconditionally. 

I loved you every second, of every minute, of every day. 

When you were born, I was reborn alongside you. 


I watched the world grow through your eyes, 

Our beating hearts infinitely intertwined. 


You were only seven and I was still so young. 

So young and naive-

thinking bad things only happened to bad people. 

And I was never a bad person. 


It happened so suddenly. 

So suddenly that it felt like a dream-



I’m forced to live in my own walking nightmare. 


When we buried you, we buried a part of me too.


I cried rivers and oceans 

But you never found a boat to come back to me. 


It’s hard to live here without you. 

When I’m so-



The light of you shines no longer

And now I bask in the shadows of what was. 


Broken memories and unused toys

Are all I have left of you. 


You will never have the chance to fall in love

Or cry to me as a moody teenager. 

You will never laugh, or sing, or dance, or cry again. 


But don’t worry-

I cry enough tears for both of us, love. 


I am living for you, my dear. 

Living every day knowing that it’s one day closer

To seeing you again.

Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Writing Contest.



17 years old

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