New Polaroids

Amber leaves cling
To umber trees reaching
Frayed roots deep into the ground.
They've told you time
And time again, "autumn is the season
Of the dead.
Green leaves rusting, flowers
Dusting over till the pink
Fades to brown." But remember that
All ends warrant beginnings.
All finales call for encores.
All epilogues precede sequels, and
All denouements foreshadow a new dawn.
So next time you slump
Over the summer days, now only
Reminisced in polaroids,
Feel the harvest breeze,
See the auburn leaves,
Capture new polaroids
Carve the jack-o'-lanterns
Sip your coffee in a cardigan.
The mug is brand-new, and looking
At it makes you nostalgic
For the old one, but somehow it
Makes the pumpkin latte taste
Even better, spiced like never before.
Or maybe it's just your own
New perception.

Posted in response to the challenge Fall: Writing.



15 years old

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