Not Such a Daunting Task

I remember the day I met you,

The day I didn’t want to,

The moment our parents forced us together,

The second I took a look at you.

Your blond hair was to your chin,

Your clothes a mismatch of patterns,

Your eyes wide and nervous,

Your smile only slight.

My energy had been abundant,

But it was quickly turned to fear

Of the daunting task ahead

That goes by the name of friends.


I remember the way we were at first shy,

But that didn’t last long.

We didn’t know then

That our future was bright,

Filled with tea parties and bunnies,

Crafts and silly little sales.

We would have sleepovers,

Playdates and races,

All light-hearted and fun.


I remember how you seemed so plain,

But that plainness was just a disguise-

Your ideas and plans were always unique,

Things I never would have thought of,

Things I never knew I would like.


I remember how we were a perfect fit,

Despite my obliviousness then,

It wasn’t such a daunting task-

Because you were the friend.



14 years old

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