nothing but an A

I got my first grade today

it was a 37/40

I was disappointed in myself

I should've gotten 40/40

I got my second grade today

I got a 95/100

what is wrong with me?

I'm surrounded by people who do nothing but the best

I'm surrounded by 100s and 98s

yet I'm a 95

I got my third grade today

I got a 2/3

are you serious?

I'm a disgrace

how could I have possibly gotten a 2

there must be something wrong with me

I need to pull myself together

I need to get the 40s and 100s

I need to get nothing but an A

what is wrong with me?

I will never be good enough.



14 years old

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    i remember my first day of middle school

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    my sister is the most beautiful person i have ever laid eyes on

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    she is impeccable.

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