13 years old


  • autumn's embrace

    as fall starts rolling in

    and summer slows to a stop

    i like to imagine many things, 

    everything, nonstop

    i imagine the sweet, sweet song of hooting owls after dark

  • What we're missing

    The biggest issue that teenagers face today is a lack of support.

    There are so many problems that affect this age group, but the lack of support is the most important obstacle that can slow down a student’s learning capabilities.
  • one person

    there's always one person
    one person who you look up to
    one person who you know nothing about,
    but wish that you did
    one person that glows so consistently
    it seems as if they have the perfect life
    the perfect body
  • musically talking

    "music heals the soul"
    is what they all say
    but is it the music that heals us?
    or is it the meaning of each word spoken in a song
    or possibly the deep breaths in between words
    without the music, it's just talking
  • The Extinction Project

    The Willow Project is a multi-billion dollar oil drilling project in Alaska.
    The federal government plans to release 629 million barrels of oil and produce 287 million metric tons of CO2.