Nothing is Everything

I wish I could sit high in the sky,

Alone within the nothing,

Yet everyone in the everything

Laid out before me.

I could watch light be cast upon the world,

Eyes opening to a fresh day,

Warmth shared between greetings.

I could watch kindness dance among interactions,

Watch tears spill from brimming eyes,

Telling tales of woe and joy,

Anger and disbelief,

The drops letting others see a glimpse

Of the lives being composed.

As I would sit on my cloud,

I could see hope wash over,

Streaks of the day’s succession

Splashed across the sky,

Watercolered pinks would announce that light

Would soon wash away,

But there are still a few precious moments

Of cheerfulness and life.

I would then watch

The sun withdraw from sight,

Tucking in the day,

Allowing peace to settle over,

The stars guiding souls into their dreams.

It is then that I would call,

From my stance in the sky,

That everything is nothing,

And I would let it echo through all.



13 years old

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