Only a Little Out of Twelve Pages

  1. I Felt no obligation to be apologetic or to hate myself
  2. I welcomed all of the Love of the world into myself, and it was Beautiful
  3. mystic and Indomitable.
  4. (now, today, I am miserable yet thankful.)
  5. expanding colors and sights of teeth and faces within mouths emerging from the throat
  6. the throat from where I Breathed the Air of dinosaurs and atoms
  7. selfishness rebuked by the rebuttals of fantastical Sanctity.
  8. Love was All-Consuming
  9. inward and outward, distant Closeness
  10. discord Haloing peace, to be and Be and BE
  11. Do You SEE, I questioned the blue lining paper, the unknown reader, and FILLED THE SPACE with bewilderment
  12. the two-dimensional crafting of rounded blocks, and Edges, and spirals
  13. wildness in the circulating home of my soul
  14. threads and pieces of microscopic strings Emulating from my mind
  15. wonderful, thoughtful, uncautioned messiness.
  16. /Forever lasted for approximately five hours yet is stored indefinitely Within./
  17. inward and outward, I Am Being In Thinking
  18. and My Thoughts Are In My Being
  19. I was, I am FILLED with the Love of Millions.
  20. child supported on the safety of a cushioned star
  21. a distant Closeness, indescribable and scribbled
  22. with no signature of regret, incapable of loathing.
  23. I AM BEING IN MY THINKING, feet leaving the ground and promptly returning.
  24. Love was and is All-Consuming
  25. with no obligation, as unintentionally intended.
  26. Do You SEE, I Am To BE, Being in my Thinking, my Thoughts to See the Mythic Mandalic Pendulum of Faces Swarming in Grand Comfort
  27. I felt It. the Welcoming Offering. the Love FILLING, I felt Everything.

Sawyer Fell


18 years old

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