Our Ending is Bittersweet (a graduation sonnet with my friend Celia)

Our ending is bittersweet

Our past set in stone but our futures untold

A doctor, architect or athlete

We have yet to know what our older life will hold


Piece by piece we make an impact

Unique but one

Our dreams of helping are no longer so abstract

We don’t stop working until we were done

Our memories here are like little pieces of gold

Smiles and laughter from past years of school

The bricks to our future before it unfolds

Filled with kind teachers and happy dog drool


This joy can only be shared with a few

And is carried on through journeys anew 



14 years old

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  • What’s in a name?


    “The bringer of joy”

    That doesn’t quite feel right

    I’ve been told my smile lights up the room

    But who am I to believe that my existence would be the pinnacle of bright?

    And maybe that is the catch

  • This Time It's Real

    This isn't a "see you in three months"

    Because I'm not coming back

    This isn't a "goodbye for now"

    At least not all the goodbyes are that temporary,

    This is a "I'll be back on Alumni day"