The Prongle

“Gather ‘round the fireplace, kids,” Grandpa said. “It’s time I told you a tale my own grandfather told me long ago on a winter night just like this.” Grandpa settled in comfortably in his easy chair, and the smell of the burning log filled the room as Jennifer, Bobby, Clyde and I leaned in, ready for a good story. “Around this time of year, every year, the evil Prongle comes out and does horrible things. For example, just yesterday, I found the head of Sister Mary out in the snow. No, no, it’s true! I had to bury it deep in the white stuff to hide it from prying eyes. He has done some things that are a little bit more, well, personal. When I was about your age, I was getting some wood for our fire (Yes, we had a fireplace, not a fancy light that emitted heat), and the Prongle appeared out of nowhere! He willed the snow to surround me, jumped into my little snow cage with deep purple eyes, green fur, and teeth the size of swords! Once he had looked me up and down, he looked down, and bit my toe off! Yes, Helene, this did really happen. Here, you can look! (Takes off shoe, wiggles 4 toes) 

Jen cried, “Ewwww!”

Bobby exclaimed, “Grandpa, that’s cool!”

And Grandma yelled, “Brock, get a hold of yourself!”

Grandpa was irritated, and he had to redirect attention back to him. “Excuse me. Excuse me! Thank you. As I was saying, after I scared the Prongle way with my pocketknife, I ran into our house and had to wrap the toe in gauze just to keep it from bleeding. After that, I never went in the snow without a pair of tongs, for that is the only thing that can kill a Prongle. They can do this because they have the ability to remove the Prongle’s evil heart, which was infected a long long time ago by a diabolical witch that was killed by her son. No one really knows why or how she was killed.  Oh, wow! Look at the time! You kids have to go to bed. Up you go, now. Sleep tight! Don’t let the Prongle eat your toes!” 

The end.

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13 years old

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